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Georgian Visa Types

Applicants can apply for a Tourist, Business, or Transit e-visa using VisaHQ’s application portal. In this section, we will review each of them so you have all the information at your fingertips before applying for any of them.

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Expert in Georgia visa services since 2003, VisaHQ is a private visa agency, not affiliated with the government of Georgia. VisaHQ provides expediting services for visa to Georgia and charges a service fee. See how we compare in the 90 seconds video 
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A visa is not required for this destination.

Georgia Tourist e Visa

The Georgian tourist e visa is a visa issued either as a single or multiple entry visa. Most e-visas issued by the government authorities are multiple entries. You can avail an e-visa with 30-day or 90-day validity, depending on your passport, and during this time, you are allowed to visit any part of the country for leisure.

The tourist e-visa application process is short and rest and can be done in a few minutes. You will need to provide your basic travel and personal information and upload the necessary documents. You can use the Visa to visit Georgia for vacation, tours, visit family and friends, etc.

Note: Citizens of EU countries and a few others can stay for up to 1 year with valid e-visas.

Port of Entry

These are the approved entry points for e-visa holders.

Airport: Tbilisi International Airport, Kutaisi International Airport, Batumi International Airport

Land Routes: Sarpi Motorway (Turkey), Kartsakhi Motorway and Railway (Turkey), Ninotsminda Motorway (Armenia), Vale Motorway (Turkey), Akhkerpi Motorway (Armenia), Guguti Motorway (Armenia), Sadakhlo Motorway (Armenia), Sadakhlo Railway (Armenia), Tsiteli Khidi Motorway (Azerbaijan), Mtkvari Vakhtangisi Motorway (Azerbaijan), Samtatskaro Motorway (Azerbaijan), Lagodekhi/Tsodna Motorway (Azerbaijan), Gardabani Railway (Azerbaijan), Kazbegi/Dariali (Russian Federation).

Georgia Business e Visa

The Business e Visa of Georgia is reserved for visitors from eligible countries coming for business visits.

If you are an investor, entrepreneur, consultant, or guest for a conference, seminar, or meeting, you will need this type of e-visa. However, unlike the tourist e-visa, you must provide evidence to validate your intentions, such as an invitation letter and business information about your host.

This e-visa is issued as a single or multiple-entry travel document and allows the holder to stay for 30-90 days. Citizens of European Union countries and a few others may stay for up to 1 year provided they fulfill the required conditions.

Port of Entry

These are the approved entry points for e-visa holders.

Airport: Tbilisi International Airport, Kutaisi International Airport, Batumi International Airport

Land Routes: Sarpi Motorway (Turkey), Kartsakhi Motorway and Railway (Turkey), Ninotsminda Motorway (Armenia), Vale Motorway (Turkey), Akhkerpi Motorway (Armenia), Guguti Motorway (Armenia), Sadakhlo Motorway (Armenia), Sadakhlo Railway (Armenia), Tsiteli Khidi Motorway (Azerbaijan), Mtkvari Vakhtangisi Motorway (Azerbaijan), Samtatskaro Motorway (Azerbaijan), Lagodekhi/Tsodna Motorway (Azerbaijan), Gardabani Railway (Azerbaijan), Kazbegi/Dariali (Russian Federation).

Visa is not required for a stay up to 1 year

Visa is not required for a stay up to 1 year

Citizens of all countries, traveling by air from any country may enter Georgia if they present the document confirming the full course (two doses) of any Covid-19 vaccination at the border checkpoints of Georgia. Non-vaccinated travelers must present a negative PCR test result taken within 72 hours of travel and are also required to take a second test "at their own expense" on day three of their stay.

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    Unfortunately, at this time VisaHQ does not provide service for

    A visa is not required for this destination.

    A visa is not required for this destination.

    Sounds good! What else do I need to know while planning a trip to Georgia?
    • First, check the current validity of your passport.

    • Second, make sure your passport has blank Visa pages.

    • Confirm if transit visa is required for any connections.

      Check with your airline in case you have connecting flights overseas as part of your journey to Georgia. It may be the case that countries you pass through en route to your destination may require a separate transit visa. Please refer to visa requirements of the specific country
    Additional information
      • Check visa

      Georgia Visa Policy

      Georgia in Eastern Europe has a standard visa policy regulating the entry and exit of visitors from other countries. Visitors coming from non-visa-exempt countries must obtain a visa before making the trip; otherwise, they will not be allowed into Georgia. While Georgian citizens can enter with a valid or expired identity card or passport, Visitors with passports from Ukraine, Turkey, Switzerland, or any other European country can enter and stay for some time as long as the passport remains valid.

      The Legal Status of citizens and permanently residing stateless Persons is stated in legislation introduced on September 1, 2014, and amended on June 9, 2015. The amended law allowed stateless persons and visitors from selected countries to stay in Georgia without visas for 1 year. The category of visa-free countries is no longer determined by immigration law but by a separate ordinance of the Georgian government. The ordinance was updated in 2015, with some countries removed to make the list smaller.

      Georgia Visa-Free Countries

      Georgia keeps an updated list of visa free countries. If you are from a visa free country, you fall into one of two categories. You are either able to enter the country with just your passport and no visa, or you can visit but a visa will be issued to you at the entry point. Visa free visitors are allowed to visit Georgia strictly for business, transit or as tourists. Furthermore, they can stay for 30- 90 days per visit. Let us also add that Georgia has strong diplomatic relations with some of the countries on their visa free list.

      Note: As for residents of Saudi Arabia there is a special arrangement. They must provide Iqama documentation with a certified English translation and a Saudi residency card which would be checked at the boarding terminals before they are allowed into flights.

      Georgia e Visa Eligible Countries

      The Georgia e-visa is open to passport holders from 62 countries or territories who may wish to visit Georgia briefly. This e-visa does not require visits to Foreign missions and embassies abroad. It can be obtained online as long as the applicant can meet the requirements.

      The list of eligible countries for e visa is never static but always changing as more nations make the list and a few are removed by the Georgian authorities. Your country may make the list this quarter and be removed the next quarter in light of diplomatic treaties and policy changes. That is why applicants are advised to consult the eligibility list to be sure before submitting their applications. Applicants from ineligible countries will not be given e visas.

      Georgian e-visas allow holders to stay 90 days within 180 days or 30 days within 120 days.

      The eligibility conditions are as follows

      • The applicant must be a national of an eligible country
      • They must possess an ordinary passport with at least 6 months validity
      • Their purpose of visiting Georgia must be short termed and not for extended stay
      • The applicant must be financially capable of meeting their needs

      Key Information

      Here is some vital information before applying for any of the e-visas reviewed above.

      Use The Same Passport: When traveling to Georgia, ensure you use the same e-visa you used for the application. This is because the e-visa will be linked to the passport, so traveling with a different passport will be seen as having no visa. Ensure your passport will remain valid until after leaving the country; if not, apply for a new passport and use the details to apply for the e-visa.

      Apply Outside Georgia: You cannot apply for an e-visa inside Georgia; E Visa applications can only be done outside the country. Only after you have received the e-visa should you travel to Georgia.

      Provide Honest Answers: When you arrive at the checkpoint at the land crossings or airports, the immigration officers will question your purpose for coming to Georgia. Answer truthfully. Remember that the immigration officer or officers have legal backing to deny you entry into the country if you can’t defend your reasons for wishing you enter Georgia’s territorial borders.

      Do Not Overstay: Know when your e-visa expires before making the trip and mark the date in your calendar. It is a violation to stay back after your Visa expires. If you need to stay much longer, visit the nearest immigration office in the city to apply for an extension before your current Visa expires.

      Do Not Work: Georgian e visa is not a work visa, so you are not allowed to work during your stay in the country. If you wish to work, visit the nearest Georgian foreign mission to apply for a work visa.

      Use Legal Routes: The legal entry routes into Georgia are the designated land borders and airports. Traveling through undesignated routes is a risk you don't have to take.

      Print A Copy: It is advisable to print a copy of your e visa and travel with it. The immigration authorities will request for it at the entry point but once you are in the country male sure you have it with you when you go out. You never know when you will be asked to provide it as evidence.

      Valid email Address: You will need a valid email address that you can access from your device because this is the only means to get your electronic visa. If you cannot access your current email, open a new one then use that to apply for the e visa.

      Conversion Is Impossible: Let us also add that you cannot convert your e visa into a permanent long term visa. Electronic visas are solely for short term visits and not for long term stays. If you must apply for a long stay visa you must do so outside Georgia not while you are still in the country. Visit the nearest Georgian foreign mission abroad to apply for a visa.

      Georgia Visa Online – Get your Georgia e-Visa with VisaHQ

      Did you know you can get a Georgian online visa using VisaHQ’s application platform? The application process is straightforward; you can simply apply for it from the comfort of your home, and you don’t have to visit a Georgian foreign embassy in your country. You can apply for an e-visa through VisaHQ and get it in a few days.

      How To obtain a visa with VisaHQ?

      Did you know that you can apply for a tourist, business, or transit e visa for Georgia within minutes from the comfort of your home? VisaHQ makes it possible with only a few steps, as explained below.

      Complete The Application Form: You must complete the e-visa application form available on our website by providing your travel, passport, and personal information. Also, select the e-visa you want.

      Attach The Documents: You must attach the required documents for your chosen e-visa. Ensure they are all valid.

      Get Your Visa: After attaching the documents, submit the form and wait a few days for processing. If approved, your e-visa will be forwarded to you via email. Make sure to print it out and bring it with you on your travels.

      Why Use VisaHQ?

      If you apply for a Georgian Visa with VisaHQ rest assured that your documents will be in safe hands and will be passed onto the authorities. Our system is safe and secured with advanced data protection software so you have nothing to worry about.

      Here are some compelling reasons why VisaHQ should be your number one choice when applying for your e-visa applications:

      • Safe and secure website
      • Fast and easy application process
      • Apply for two or more e-visas at the same time
      • Save your documents for reuse at your convenience
      • Track your e-visa application
      • We provide round the clock technical support

      So, what are you waiting for? Visit our official e-visa application page and complete your application with your PC or smartphone. Ensure your information and documents are valid so your request for the e-visa will be accepted.

      Georgia COVID-19 travel restrictions

      • Entry is open
        Citizens of any foreign countries, traveling to Georgia via any route (by air, land and sea) are no longer obliged to present either COVID-19 vaccination certificate or PCR-examination negative result report
        Prior to arrival requirements
        Valid passport. Valid national passport with at least 6 month remaining validity after the date of departure.
        Valid visa. Please see the instructions above if visa is needed and apply.
        Upon arrival restrictions
        😷Masks are required in public spaces and transport.

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