جزر العذراء البريطانية تأشيرة

تأشيرة جزر العذراء البريطانية

تأشيرة سياحة
تأشيرة رجال اعمال
Travel Certificate

Travellers must BEGIN their application no later than 3 days before travel.
You need to provide Health information (COVID19 and infectious disease related)
If you are staying at an Approved Travel Accommodation, you must enter proof of payment for the required minimum 5-day accommodation.
Check-in and board your flight.
Use your travel authorisation to make your travel arrangements and keep a printed or electronic copy of the authorisation AND your negative PCR results with you along with your ticket and passport to check-in and board your flight.

Each traveller including children must have completed an application to obtain a travel certificate for presentation to airline authorities.

Please note that you will not be able to board the flight without your travel authorisation and PCR test results.

Upon arrival
Upon arriving at the Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport,
travellers will be directed to the BVI's "Welcome Centre" for the Arrival Day/Day 0 RT-PCR test
Prior to travelling onward to the visitor's approved accommodationd, all guests will be required to:
Activate a tracking sytem on their phones (data or wifi connectivity required);
Wear a writband monitoring device.
All guests will also be given an appintment for their Day 4 RT-PCR test

While in BVI
All arriving visitors are required to quarantine for four complete days at their hotel, resort, villa or on their vessel.
All visitors will receive another RT-PCR tet administered on Day 4
If the results are negative, visitors will be allowed to move around the BVI freely.
The Government of the Virgin Islands current social distancing and safety measures apply

Costs for the BVI's COVID-19
reentry procedures

There is a $175 fee for each passenger. This fee covers:
RT-PCR test on Arrival Day/Day 0 ;
RT-PCR test on Day 4 ;
Tracking Bracelet rental;
Mobile App;
Other related necessary procedures.

Anyone who tests positive upon arrival or at any point must continue to quarantine at their respective location for a minimum of 10 days

Visitors must take Government approved transportation to their accommodations and testing site which are located throughout the BVI.

Vessel Guests
Marine Information - Sea Ports Open January 21, 2021
All travellers to the Territory must enter a quarantine period of four (4) complete days. Remember your Day 1 starts the following day after your Arrival Day/Day 0.
Once the Arrival Day/Day 0 test has been conducted, guests may proceed to any of thew apporoved mooring sites for the mandatory four (4) day quarantine.

travel certificate جزر العذراء البريطانية مطلوبة لمواطنين مصر

لسوء الحظ في هذا الوقت VisaHQ لم تعطي الخدمة بعد travel certificate السفر الي جزر العذراء البريطانية.

خطوات أضافية يمكنك اتخاذها:

  • تحقق من صلاحية جواز السفر الحالي، ومدى توافر صفحات تأشيرة فارغة

  • الإتصال بأقرب سفارة او قنصلية جزر العذراء البريطانية.

    استفد من قاعدة البيانات الواسعة خاصتنا للسفارات والقنصليات للعثور علي أقرب واحدة. عند الاتصال بالسفارة اكد المعلومات المطلوبة, الوقت الذي تستغرقه القنصلية لمعالجة التأشيرة وما اذا كانت القنصلية تقبل طلبات التقدم بواسطة البريد الإلكتروني.

تأشيرة جزر العذراء البريطانية للمواطنين من مصر مطلوبة. لمزيد من المعلومات من فضلك اتصل أقرب جزر العذراء البريطانية سفارة.

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